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Re: tasks with 8 GB memory requirements

Verfasst: 26.08.2018 18:37
von biodoc
Now I've got 12 monsters running out of 40 tasks. RAM usage is up to 70 GB/96 GB.

Re: tasks with 8 GB memory requirements

Verfasst: 26.08.2018 19:24
von marsinph
It is easy? I abort all ECM task and block it !
Two times my host crash !
I was thinkig over heating. No
I got ECM WU and each require 6giga RAM, 6,000MB !!!

Look my host 4726043.
It is not a monster of 64 CPU, but also not a little.

The reason of the crash : unsufficient memory !!!
With 16Gb !?!?!?

The very strange, some ECM WU needs 4Mb, some need 6,000Mb
Please, I am very accrurate between Gb and Mb !
Also not say about BAM, or internal settings. All on this host are set to not use more than 90% of...(RAM, CPU, Disk)

Then, on a other host, I have one WU who take 8,500,000 Mb I repeat 8.5Gb

Very strange I not finf it back on my host
Here the link : ... d=39966030
To be sure i took time to wite it manually from the where it "run". Because all carsh, i write here from a other host who not crunch ECM !!!
WU : ecm_uc_1534870215_np_161_2900e6_01_2_P2_2
Running on host 428425.
Deadline : 31/08/2018 17:09:39

I let it finsh, with hope it ot crashes. So Admin will be able to analyze this very stranga WU.

Woaw !! This WU now take 8.6Gb ( eight thousand mega) I repeat I am cerefull with"point" and "comma"

It would be helpfull to be able add screenshot here. But I understand that it would be very fast unable to manage and will produce server DB overload.

So conclusion, not forget that some crunch WU based on own interresting project.
But also crunch on Formula Boinc ranking (Me !! But not alone)
My personnal world ranking on BOINC is not important for me.
To be lear : Formula start sprint on Collatz (very high credits) I will crunch
If Formula start challenge on Enigman ( very lox credits), then i will give all power during the sprint.
Perhaps I will get on Enigma (CPU only) four thousand credit in one day.
If I run Citizen, in the same time I get 92,000 (Ninethy twi toudand)
I compare what is to be abe.
I developped a excell sheet who make all calculation for all my host. CPU / GPU separated.
CValculation made depending running time / credits, reported for one day, considering 24/24 on.
My excelle is fully adptable depeding use of host.

So , please, I wait reply, answers, explanation abut ECM WU who some takes all ans some not. I repeat all ECM WU
No any problem with "perfect Cuboid"
Best reagrs from Belgium

Re: tasks with 8 GB memory requirements

Verfasst: 27.08.2018 06:47
von yoyo
marsinph hat geschrieben: Look my host 4726043.
This host doesn't exist: ... id=4726043

The RAM thing should be handled by BOINC. If this doesn't work well, we should try to fix it in BOINC.
What BOINC does:
1. Each workunit has a maximum RAM requirement. If your host doesn't have this amount of RAM free, this workunit is not downloaded at all.
2. If BOINC starts a workunit it also checks if the required RAM is free. Otherwise the workunit is not started.
3. When workunits are running, BOINC periodically (don't know in which intervall) checks RAM usage of running workunits. If they are getting larger and do not fit into memory the will be suspended with waiting for memory.

I know that in BOINC version 7.10 and 7.12 was something fixed regarding this.

To find the problem you can set <mem_usage_debug> in cc_config and check what BOINC thinks how much memory is used by a workunit and if this is correct. You can also see how often BOINC does the check.

Re: tasks with 8 GB memory requirements

Verfasst: 13.09.2018 13:10
von koolobus
is it possible to get only those huge tasks? I would like to run 6 of them simultaneously.

Re: tasks with 8 GB memory requirements

Verfasst: 14.09.2018 18:08
von yoyo
No, this is not possble. But you will see if you have some. They are named P2 at the end of the name. Such tasks are not created continuously. They are mixed into the ecm stream.