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WU Cruncher OGR

Verfasst: 05.04.2018 09:59
von marsinph
I started Yoyo a few days ago.
One of my task (OGR) was planified for about 12 hours. (Intel i7 2600K 3.4Ghz) All visible on my host
At beginning, the percentage inreae about 0.5% per second.
then after +/- 10 min running, it was about 0.1/sec
After 1 day running it was 0.005/sec
It is now 2 days running (24/24), and it is about 0.001 each 2 or 3 seond (at 95.905%) !
We are very far away the planifyed time of 12 hours.
With suh grow (0.001 each 2 or 3 sec, it would take again 12 hours to finish !!!
Real exponential.
Someone have explanation ?

Then I hope it will not hang up , be validated (nd not with a ridiculous credit) !!!

Re: WU Cruncher OGR

Verfasst: 05.04.2018 15:25
von marsinph
Much more better about expeced running time.
After 4 hours, only 0.5% done !!!
See previous post.
Now it is about 0.001% eah 10 (ten) seconds
By interpolation, and exponential, it will say this WU will take more or less 4 days to finish the latest 3% !!!
Situation on 05march 14:16GMT : 96.859% elapsed : 2d 05:04:00 remaining : 3:31:00
I will come back in a few hours.
Or perhaps, my host found something new and runs control to be sure the discovering... :wink:
I will not stop this WU. Curious about result !

Re: WU Cruncher OGR

Verfasst: 05.04.2018 15:45
von marsinph
To be sure, I also stopped all other project.
My host is full available for Yoyo.
No any antivirus (it only connect to BOINC) or other stuff. Only Win7 Ultimate up to date (update are manually done). nothing else running. It is a host only to crunch WU.
Oops, I see now, from my 96% it go to 14% !!!
So I abort. Enough.
I will try a other WU, if the ame happens, I leave, sorry

Re: WU Cruncher OGR

Verfasst: 05.04.2018 17:09
von yoyo
Some basic points about ogr workunits: ... _en#OGR-28

1) A ogr workunits contains 7 tasks. This means every 14% the progress indicator is set. Every percentage display is some crappy artificial "intelligence" of BOINC.
2) Don't believe the initially shown estimated runtime. This wrong. But you can see here in the avarage runtime chart how long a ogr workunit was running (green line in 2nd chart). This is always the avarage of the last returned workunits.

It is very very unlikely that the first part (first 14%) takes 2 days. In total (100%) an ogr workunit should not run longer than 50h, mostly much faster.
There is something wrong with your BOINC. Maybe you have set to use only parts of the cpu or use only 20% of the cpu.