To our guests

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To our guests

#1 Ungelesener Beitrag von frank » 26.06.2006 22:36

Because of spam, links to websites containing explicit material or illegal software, we have closed the panel for guests. Guests may read in all threads, however they are not allowed to post.
An exception is the "Hilfe und Support" (Help and Support)-forum. In this part of the board, guests may describe their problems concerning distributed computing clients or other questions of similar content. Of course, spam, explicit material and illegal software are not permitted to post there, either. In fact, these postings are usually faster erased than written. Please consider to spend your time in a more usefull way ;)

[edit] As an example, we even don't accept links to militant animal protection organizations, if there is illegal stuff on this page [/edit]

[edit]We don´t accept E-Mail accounts from some providers because of spam. So if you can´t register yourself on this site, it may have this reason. In this case please ask in the ?Hilfe und support? forum or contact info(at) .[/edit]


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