ECC2K 130 Challenge

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ECC2K 130 Challenge

ECC2K 130 Challenge

#1 Ungelesener Beitrag von ECC2K 130 Challenge » 10.03.2006 02:15

It has been almost over two years since the last dps found their way to the ECC2-109 project server. In the meantime nobody has made any attempts to start the new challenge, ECC2-130. I always hoped the project would come back, my heart lies at the original ECC projects.

That's why i got the idea to start the project myself, with the help of my fellow DPC members and people outside of DPC. I've had an conversation with Dukebox, the former statsguy from DPC, whom also has run an ECC proxy. In the past Dukebox had made attempts to creat an ECC2-130 client. He actually has a client, but it runs very slowly (6dps / day @ P42.8 Ghz). Actually you can't call it a client cause it is just the old ecc2-109 client with adaptions to run the calculation of ecc2-130. Dukebox has said to give his support for this project with providing a server and making an statsengine.

But before we can start this project we will need a much more optimized client. Seeing it would take 10.000 P4 2.8Ghz computers about 20 years to break this code this is really needed. That's why i'm posting this at different 'rivals' of DPC.

Are there people here that are familiar with the projects / code that are interested in making an serious attempt to get this project off the ground. I know there is a guy named Ken_g6 that did an optimized ECC client in the past, and i was wondering if he is still around. Also there were other guys that developped a client in the past.

So, if you are interested in any way, please leave a message :)!


#2 Ungelesener Beitrag von The_Freedom » 11.03.2006 09:46

First of all - welcome aboard!

After a little walk through google - I found this interesting link (just click!) about Elliptic Curve Challenges.

An idea: Is it possible to use the BOINC infrastructure for this project? And why or why not?
If it is, it would be very simple to make a client. Or do you just need someone for the specific eccp-130 problem?



#3 Ungelesener Beitrag von XtremeG » 11.03.2006 18:43

Actually we are thinking about making our own software for servers. We want to work with an distributed server system, that would make it possible for a number of servers to work as one big one. This would mean that if a server would die the project wouldn't die.

We are currently looking for someone that can build a core for an Windows Based OS with an P4/AMD CPU Type.

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#4 Ungelesener Beitrag von wirthi » 13.03.2006 19:15

You might meet ken_g6 at the forum:
Free-DC spy!


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