MD5CRK: Version 1.07 erschienen

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MD5CRK: Version 1.07 erschienen

#1 Ungelesener Beitrag von Mystwalker » 17.06.2004 19:48

Vom MD5CRK-Client gibt es jetzt die Version 1.07 - keine großen Änderungen, aber vielleicht ist ja für jemanden etwas Wichtiges dabei:

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Changes in 1.0.7:
  - SPARC ALU and ALU2 cores
  - Faster Alpha cores
  - new email-only startpoint registration
  - new automatic start-point upload
  - new "-prepareBatch" option to create a HTML file which uploads all your DPs from offline machines.
  - new md5_preset.xml file is consulted at startup to auto-upload your startpoints.  Usful for installing in computer labs.  Format:
  - fixed upload HTML file onfocus() bug
  - Added XML comments to the XML files better documenting the elements
  - Added DP distance minimum, average, maximum to md5_perf.xml in 100ths of a GigaMD5
  - Added MD5Rate minimum, average, maximum to md5_perf.xml in 100ths of a MegaMD5
  - A serious attempt made to fix the Win95/Win98 bug when the compouter reboots where the MD5CRK client is not given a chance to properly write to the filesystem and so the XML files are not correct when the client starts up again.
    Have not been able to reproduce the problem yet - but this should help.
    NOTE: md5crk does NOT cause a system reboot - a normal system shutdown/reboot ini win95/98 seems to cause md5crk to no come up properly afterwards.
  - md5_perf.xml file updates more often
    and md5_kill.xml cleanly kills md5crk client app so 3rd party apps man better interface with the md5crk client.
  - added "-install2 -install3 -install4 -uninstall2 -uninstall3 -uninstall4" for manual service registration or SEPERATE DIRECTORIES on windows SMP machines.
  - added CPU info to the md5_test.xml file including CPU name, MHz and model name.


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